Residential Construction

In today’s big business overdevelopment of cookie cutter homes, our Custom Residential Homes stand out as not only works of arts but as representations of our customer’s choice of design. Since we started our company in 1993, we have found that this option of individuality speaks to our customers and our customers speak of our commitment to the quality of building Custom Residential Homes.

When you call the office of Waterman Construction Corporation, our process varies for which category you fall in:

  • Remodels/Additions/Renovations: When you call, our first order of business is to discuss with you what your plans are. Then once we’ve identified your goal, we set a time for the Contractor to meet with you. The Contractor will come to the proposed job site and take measurements, have you discuss what exactly you see, sometimes take some pictures, and then he’ll return to the office to prepare an estimate. The estimate can be mailed, e-mailed or faxed to you … whichever method you prefer.
  • New Homes: When you first call, we will obtain as much information as possible about what you are envisioning. Some people already have house plans that they’ve seen somewhere or found on-line … and we use those as a basic guideline. Some customers, we start from scratch. You tell us how many bedrooms, how you want the family room, kitchen, etc., and we will find some plans for you. It’s always good to have a budget number in mind so we can keep you within the square footage of your budget. We’ll review what is included and what is not included … discuss what is an upgraded item and what is not. We will review our general time frame, which can vary. We generally tell people to plan for 4 – 6 weeks for the plans to be drawn up (of course if you pick a plan that is already drawn and make no changes, then that process is cut down dramatically!); allow 4 -6 weeks for permitting (this time can greatly vary depending on the work flow of the municipality you will need to be permitted in); then plan on 5 – 6 months once ground is broke for the house to be constructed. This number can also vary with weather. Once you are in permitting, this is generally the time we’ll meet again to choose customer selections, reviewing your lighting allowance, etc. This appointment varies with each customer … some know exactly what they want … others need to discuss and shop. Waterman Construction does have a guideline to follow … obviously some items are considerably more expensive than others. We do not use the ‘cheapest’ product … but we do not use the most expensive either. We try to offer a very nice middle of the road product for our homes.

When thinking of building a Custom Residential Home in beautiful Central Florida, we hope that Waterman Construction will be your choice

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